5 great ways to attract more users to your website

Many web marketers know that content is king. With thousands of competing websites, your website can often only be differentiated by the content you offer. Good content is informative and makes your visitor feel that the time they spend on your site is time well spent. This encourages the visitor to come back, and even attracts others by sharing your content on social media. While a consistent generation of unique content is easier said than done, it is possible to come up with great content with these content ideas that have proven effective over time.

1. The ‘How To’ Articles

People are always on Google searching for ‘How to….’ Creating an answer to their questions is a good way of attracting these visitors. A free and useful tool to help you with this is Keyword Tool (pictured below). Simply type ‘how to’ in the bar and it will bring up the most popular terms that people are searching for. Choose the ones that are relevant, or can be adapted to relate to your product, service or industry and create engaging articles around them.

2. Lists

This type of content uses the power of numbers to create intrigue and entice visitors to continue reading. The format of the titles is, for example, ‘7 Top Lead Generation ideas to win 1000 Leads daily.’ A numbered list indicates a ‘skimable’ article which audiences nowadays love because they’re quick and easy to read. Make your headline as appealing as possible, using Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer. This tool will analyse the words used in your headline and you can keep amending it until you reach a score that you’re satisfied with.

3. Video Content

According to Wordstream “Video attracts two to three times as many monthly visitors.” The simple fact is that video is hugely engaging and a 2 minute video is easier to digest than a 1000 word article. Video on a landing page can also “increase conversions by 80% or more” which is even more reason to publish videos on your website. A great tool to keep in mind is Lumen5, this website automatically creates a video for you from your blog content. Simply enter your blog URL and Lumen5 will do the rest! This is a great way or re-purposing your blog content and creating short, sharp and sharable videos in a matter of minutes.

4. Infographics

Infographics are not only eye catching but are a perfect way of condensing a vast amount of information into one engaging and sharable piece. The shareability of infographics means that you will attract more visitors to your website if they see it posted on social media and they might even share it themselves, extending your reach further. Use Canva to easily create infographics for free or for a very small fee.

5. Downloadable Articles

Offering downloadable articles is not only a good way of attracting attention on your website but also of generating new leads. Give an article away in return for your prospect’s email address and then nurture them using email marketing.

Ensure the article is valuable and engaging and they will keep returning to your website to check on other pieces of content you are offering.

Generating good content is the best and most effective way of attracting visitors to your site. It allows for sustained organic long-term traffic growth and can help you generate more leads and sales. We’ve shared a few tools in this post to help you create great content, if you’re looking for more free tools to help grow your business, here’s another post you may find useful.

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